What kind of internet is needed for crypto mining?

You need only 5 things for crypto mining simplified: a mining machine, electricity, stable internet, a wallet, and a pool.

Now let’s see what kind of internet you need for crypto mining.


Bandwidth is the amount of data, that can be transmitted simultaneously. This is usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Mining devices do not require too much bandwidth, an average, home internet connection with a speed of a few megabits can be enough, and you can even operate your devices with mobile internet. A crypto mining machine generates about 100-200 megabytes per month.

Response time (Latency)

The response time is the time interval, as much as is required to transfer a data packet overt the network connection. This time is usually measured in milliseconds (ms). Response time is extremely important in crypto mining. If you work with a slow response time, there is a greater chance that another miner will decipher the code of the blockchain, so you will not receive the reward for the deciphered block. On average, the accepted delay during crypto mining is 70 ms, but the lower this time, the more ideal it is for crypto mining.


The stability of the Internet is a key factor during crypto mining, since if we have the minimum bandwidth and the response time is adequate, but the internet is stuck, the data transmission is intermittent, then our mining machine can hardly communicate with the blockchain, and we lose our deserved reward. The best solution to ensure stability is to use a wired internet connection, using an ethernet cable.

In summary: if you start crypto mining, you do not necessarily need to make changes to your home or office internet package, as your mining machine’s internet usage will not interfere with your daily data traffic. What you should check is whether you can set up wired internet for your mining machine and whether your internet has the fastest possible response time.

If you have any further questions about crypto mining, book an appointment for an online or a personal consultation.

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