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We opened our new hosting park in northern Norway

The operating conditions of the mining machines are of particular importance in the crypto mining industry.

Storage location and regular maintenance affect the lifetime of the mining machine, while stable electricity and internet are important for production efficiency. The cost of electricity plays a key role in the profitability of the mining machines and the realisable profit, which has become even more important today with rising energy prices across Europe.

Energy prices have risen significantly in almost all over Europe due to the current economic conditions, and we are constantly working to provide cryptocurrency miners with the best opportunity and favourable prices to operate their machines.

We have recently been working hard to develop a new crypto mining site in the north of Norway. We are pleased to tell you that we are opening AsicMinerz’s next crypto mining hosting park in Northern Norway.

At the new Norwegian location, we will operate your mining machine at an electricity price of 0.095 Euro/kWh, plus a low operating fee.

If you are interested in more details, check out the hosting conditions and host your professional mining machine with us in our new hosting park in Northern Norway at a discounted price.

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