Time is money

Downtime in crypto mining can be a painful way to lose money.

If crypto mining machines are not working they are not producing, which can be bad for you. Every day that your mining machine is not working is a day that it is not earning money. It is vital that your mining machines are in good working order and operating at full capacity. However, breakdowns do happen, so it pays to know an excellent ASIC servicer.

Now we’ll look at the 5 qualities we think are the most important for a good servicer

1. Reliable communication

Customer service communication and mindset is paramount when it comes to repairing and servicing mining equipment. Always check with your chosen repair shop at what point during the work process they will consult with you to ensure that your mining machine is completed quickly and efficiently. It is important that there is good communication between the customer and the repairer from diagnosis to delivery.

2. Cost effective ASIC repair

Something to consider when repairing your mining machine is cost-effectiveness. Low cost, fast and reliable repairs eliminate the headache of broken mining machines. When a machine breaks down, you not only lose revenue, but you are also distracted from your core business and run into technical problems.
The best ASIC miner repair companies will find the effective way to eliminate wasted time and can tell you exactly how long it will take to repair your machine.

3. Post-repair testing and optimization

For any mining machine repair, it is paramount importance to test the machine properly after a re-drilling at the end of the repair. Be sure to choose a repair shop, that will undertake to test your mining machine after the repair.

4. Available location

Your best chance of a quick and cost-effective repair, with low transport costs and fast turnaround times, is to choose a European location, that is close to where your mining machine is stored. Most Asic mining machine repair service centers are located in China, but you can find now Asic mining machine repair service center in Hungary.

5. Appropriate certificate

It is important that the repair shop you choose has an official certificate, issued by the manufacturer. At AsicMinerz, for example, we are Bitmain certified,we have received the same rigorous training as the manufacturer offers overseas.

If you are interested in our service, contact us or book an appointment for an online consultation.

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