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Home mining machines have made crypto mining accessible to everyone

Home mining machines, which are a special group of cryptocurrency mining machines, are designed to be suitable for use in an office or even in a home environment.

Features of home mining machines compared to pro mining machines:

  • lower noise emissions
  • lower heat emissions
  • lower energy consumption
  • compact size
  • lower price ranges.

Home miners from the world’s leading manufacturers

The major manufacturers are already putting a lot of effort into developing home mining machines. Our ever-expanding range includes the most efficient home miners , such as the iPollo home mining devices , Goldshell small and mid-range machines, and Jasminer mining machines designed specifically for home and office environments.

Crypto mining at home has never been easier

To start crypto mining you need a few basic things and you can start mine the coin of your choice. In addition to the miner, it is important to have a stable internet connection, a stable power supply, a crypto wallet and a pool. Once you have these, setting up the device is as easy as setting up a wifi router.

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