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iPollo is a dynamically growing crypto mining machine manufacturer

iPollo is a Chinese company based in Singapore that designs and manufactures Asic crypto mining devices. iPollo has been manufacturing mining machines since 2020 and offers both home and professional miners.
Brings style into your home

iPollo home mining machines are designed to be a stylish addition to any home. Thanks to their noise and heat reduction levels, they won’t disturb your daily routine when placed in your living room.

EtHash algorithm mining

iPollo miners can mine a wide range of coins using the EtHash algorithm, such as Callisto, Ethereum Classics, EtherGem, Musicoin, Pirl, Quarkchain or Ubiq.

The most powerful professional EtHash algorithm miner

The iPollo V1 is the most powerful currently available crypto mining machine for mining the EtHash algorithm. The machine has a maximum performance of 3.6 Gh/s with a power consumption of 3100 W. It is recommended to operate the machine in mining farms, where you can store and operate your miner in suitable conditions with lower power costs.

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