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Prominent ASIC chip manufacturer

iBeLink is a Chinese and American mining machine manufacturer that has been producing ASIC miners and their associated outstanding ASIC chips since 2018.

iBeLink BM-K1 product line

The iBeLink BM-K1 product line is designed for mining the Blake2B Hash algorithm. The BM-K1 mining machines are suitable for mining Kadena with different performance levels.
The product family:

iBeLink BM-S1 product family

The iBeLink BM-S1 product family is designed to mine the Blake2B Hash algorithm. BM-S1 mining machines are suitable for Sia coin mining with different performance.
The product family:

  • iBeLink BM-S1
  • iBeLink BM-S1 Max

Store iBeLink mining machines on mining farms!

iBeLink mining machines are professional miners with outstanding mining capacity and high efficiency. It is recommended to operate the machines on mining farms, where you can store and operate your machine in suitable conditions with lower electricity costs.

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