How is an ASIC miner built?

We split one Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro miner into parts, through which we show what parts it consist of and what it is for.

An ASIC mining machine basically consist of the following parts: a power supply, the housing – in which the hashboards are located – and the control board, which is located on top.

The power supply is connected to the machine housing under a protective cover, which helps the hashboards to receive the high voltage which is necessary for their operation. The control board’s power point and the data cable are located in the same place, that controls the intelligent power supply by the control board.

The control board is actually the brain of the miner, it controls the hashboards, the power supply, all the fans and all the processes that are needed for mining. It contains the initial start-up parameters, all the data what is needed for the operation of the machine is saved in it, and also contains the operating system.

The S19 miner contains 3 hashboards, which are located next to each other. There are passive heat sinks on both sides of the boards, which are responsible for providing continuous cooling for the chips on the hashboards.
There are two fans on each side of the machine housing, on the inlet and outlet sides.

On one side of the hashboard, each heatsink represents a chip and on the other side, the heat dissipation panels are located.

The basic structure is the same for all Asics: they contain a power supply, a control board, hashboards and special Asics chips corresponding to their performance.

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