Mining hardwares

What is included in the price?

Our prices include the price of the machines and the power supply needed to run the machine.

What is not included in the price?

Our prices do not include VAT, delivery fees and the cost of customs clearance for import into Hungary, nor the cost of the power cable (if not provided by the manufacturer).

Do I have to pay all at once or can I pay in instalments?

Payment is made in one lump sum upon receipt of the invoice.

What are my payment options?

You can pay by bank transfer or in person with cash at our showroom.

What currency can I pay in?

You can pay in Hungarian Forint, US Dollars and Euros.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 2-3 weeks from the full payment of the purchase price, but our colleagues will inform you about the expected delivery time when you place your order.

Can I buy from stock?

Our showroom generally only stocks the products on display, we do not usually sell our products from stock with immediate pick-up.

Can I see the machines in person?

In our showroom, you have the opportunity to see some types of mining machines in person, but we cannot show you a showpiece of all the products available on our website.

Our showroom is located at 55-61 Alkotás Street, Building C, 5th floor (Hillside office building), 1123 Budapest, Hungary.

Can I only buy products from the website?

Basically, we sell the machines on the website, but we try to meet all special and individual needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you get your machine!

About mining machines in general

How loud are the mining machines?

The noise emission of the mining hardwares varies from model to model. The more powerful pro mining machines have a noise emission of 70-80 dB, while the home mining machines have a noise emission of 35-55 dB.

You can check the noise emission of each mining machine in their product description.

How much electricity do the machines use?

The power consumption of the machines varies from model to model. Higher power pro mining machines consume 2000-4000 W, while home mining machines consume 100-1300 W.

You can check the power consumption of each mining machine in their product description.

What kind of internet is required to operate the machines?

There are no bandwidth restrictions or limits on the size of the package you need to operate, the main thing is the stable internet connection.

Can I mine anything with the asic miners?

You can only mine specific coins/algorithms with the machines. Next to each of our products we have indicated what type of coins the machine mines based on the algorithm it runs.

Check the miners!

Where do I store the machine?

For home mining machines, anywhere in your home where you can provide the machine with a stable internet connection and no noise interference. For pro miners, a more specialised environment is required as there is a lot of noise and heat involved in running the machines, so a place where ventilation (air exchange) is provided, the noise is not a disturbance to your daily life and you have a stable internet and power source. We can provide you with pro mining machinery operation.

You can find more information about miner hosting here.

How much heat does the machine emit?

Home mining machines do not emit large amounts of heat, but pro mining machines do emit large amounts of heat during operation.

At what temperature can the machine be operated?

In general, 5-40°C is the ideal temperature for these asic miners.

What is the payback period for the machines?

The payback period for each miner varies, and the current exchange rate as well as the price of energy are always influencing factors in this.

What is the general lifespan of a machine?

Technical lifetime is on average between 3-5 years, economic lifetime depends on market conditions.

How can I maintain the machine?

It is recommended to keep the operating environment clean (dust free), it may be necessary to blow the machine with compressed air or a compressor with the power off/in de-energised state every three months or every six months.

If you requested our miner hosting service, we will do this for you.

What happens if my machine breaks down?

The machines are extremely reliable, but if any failures occur, they can be repaired in the normal course of events.

We can also repair a broken machine at our miner repair centre.

Where can I place/operate the asic miners?

In the case of pro miners, it is recommended to operate them on mining farms or in a designated area where noise and heat emissions do not disturb the environment. Home miners are designed to be operated in a home or office environment.

We can provide miner hosting for you. You can find more information about miner hosting here.

How do I make money with a machine?

Mining machines use powerful processors to solve complex puzzles used to secure and validate transactions on the blockchain. Your mining machine provides some of the global hash power needed, for which you receive rewards. This reward is cryptocurrency (called mining). So, crypto mining means that you get cryptocurrency in exchange for the computing power of your machine. You can then decide whether to keep this coin or exchange it for another coin or a regular currency (e.g. US dollar, Euro).

About crypto mining in general

What is crypto mining?

Crypto mining is actually a fancy name. In crypto mining, machines designed for this purpose continuously run the algorithm that is the algorithm of the blockchain. In this way, all the machines in the world running that algorithm together authenticate every single transaction that takes place on that blockchain. For this authentication, the machines (miners) are rewarded.

Can anyone start crypto mining?

Yes, crypto mining is accessible to anyone and setting up the machines is easy.

What do I need for crypto mining?

For crypto mining, you need a mining machine, stable internet and electricity, and in addition to these technical requirements you will need a pool and a wallet address.

Where can I store my mined cryptocurrency?

You can store them in so-called digital wallets, which you can set up with market providers. These can be online or exchange wallets. Another option is to buy a so-called cold wallet which offers physical protection so you can store your money in it.

Miner hosting

What does a mining machine's hosting mean?

It means the operation and hosting of the mining machine. You physically store and operate your mining machine with us, for a contractually agreed fee and duration. We will take care of the maintenance of your machine, carry out any necessary reboots, insure your machine and provide 7/24 security surveillance.

Who owns my machine which is hosted by you?

The mining machines in our server park are the property of our customers.

What is included in the hosting?

We operate, monitor your machines, carry out necessary reboots, provide insurance and 7/24 security surveillance.

What is included in the hosting service fee?

The hosting service fee includes the electricity fee calculated on the basis of the individual consumption of the machines, as well as the operating costs.

Does the hosting fee include maintenance?

Yes, the hosting fee includes the maintenance of the machines, but not the repair of any malfunctioning images.

Can you host any machine?

We can host pro miner machines, we do not host machines suitable for home mining. Contact us and we will find the most suitable location for your machine in one of our server parks.

At what interval in the billing period?

We work on a monthly billing basis.

Is there insurance for the machine and location you host?

Yes, all our server farms and machines we operate are insured.

What is the minimum contract period?

1 year

What do I have to do with my machine?

Mining machines purchased from us are delivered directly to your server park. For your own existing machine, all you have to do is ship your machine to us. What we need to set it up in both cases: your name and a wallet address where you want your generated coins to be transferred to.

Can I access my machine "online"?

For each machine, we will send you an observer link, where you can track the miners’ operation and production.

What happens if my machine breaks down?

On our miner hosting farm, dedicated staff will check, reboot and inspect the machine, if there is a fault to be repaired we have a team of experts in our server park who will help you repair your machine if necessary or arrange for your machine to be transported to the location where you can have it repaired or repair it yourself.

If my machine is faulty, can I go to have it repaired?

The location of our miner hosting farms is not public, so you can’t go there in person to fix it. We have a team of experts at each of our server farms who will help you repair your machine or arrange transport to the location where you can have it repaired or repair it yourself.

Do you only have a server park in Hungary?

No, we have miner hosting farms all over Europe.

Can I take my computer away for 1 week while I am on holiday?

The minimum duration of our hosting contract is 1 year.

Can I check the miner hosting locations?

In order to protect our server farms, our customers and their property, the location of our mining machine hosting farms is not public and therefore cannot be visited.

Mining hardware repair

How do I get my machine to you?

You can bring the faulty machine to our showroom in person or send it to us by any courier service. We can also help you arrange a courier service, in which case the delivery charge will be added to the service charge at the end of the repair.

Where is the service centre?

Our service is located in Budapest, but in order to protect our customers and their valuables, its location is not public.

How much does the repair cost?

You can view our detailed price list here.

How much warranty do you offer for the repair?

We can offer a 1 month warranty on repaired items.

We can offer a 1 month warranty on repaired items.

Yes, of course. You can see our detailed price list here.

What do you need to get a first round quote for a repair?

Pictures of the faulty machine/part and the log file are also a great help to give you a first round quote.

Do you service machines that have already been repaired?

It depends on what was previously repaired on the machine before. Contact us by email or phone and we can discuss the details.

Do I need to send the whole machine or is the faulty item enough?

Do I need to send the whole machine or is the faulty item enough?

Do I need to send the whole machine or is the faulty item enough?

Of course we will keep you informed about the status of your machine during the repair. If we cannot repair your machine, you will have to pay the cost of the work and the materials used.

What does the servicing process look like?

Within 5 days of reception of the product, our colleagues will identify any faults on the basis of the first short-term test and provide you with a detailed repair quote. We will then send you the results and, of course, you will be able to decide whether or not to have the repair carried out, depending on the price quoted. If you don’t want the repair, you will have to pay the cost of the inspection. Preliminary short term tests may not necessarily reveal all the problems, so the quote given is indicative and does not necessarily cover the final cost of the repair, but of course if the cost of the repair changes we will notify you of the change and any faults before the repair and we will carry out the work if you approve.

You can check the detailed description of the repearing process here.

When do I have to pay for the service?

You will be charged for the service after the work is completed and before you receive the machine.

What types of machines can you repair?

We repair the Bitmain Antminers, especially the 17 and 19 series, but we are continually making improvements to repair all popular brands and types of machines in the near future.

How long does the repair take?

Generally speaking, lead times vary widely depending on the complexity of the bugs. Based on our experience, we can expect 2-4 weeks after short term testing, but this is heavily influenced by the number of bugs observed in the meantime. Of course we will keep you updated on when you can expect your machine to be ready.

Where can I find the log file of my machine?

It varies from model to model. When logging into the dashboards, you will need to send us the text in the Clog and Hlog tabs in a Word or Text file. If you need further assistance with this, please contact our colleagues on our central phone number

About the company

Where is the showroom located?

Our showroom is located in Hungary, Budapest, in the Hillside Office Building, 55-61 Alkotás Street, on the 5th floor of Building C.

Let’s contact us!

Can I come if I don’t have an appointment?

Our showroom is open to the public. However, we would ask you to make an appointment in advance so that our colleagues can be at your disposal to discuss any questions you may have over a cup of coffee.