Repair Center

Repair and maintenance of ASIC mining machines

We carry out the repair and maintenance of mining machines in our own service center in Budapest. We receive orders from all over the European Union.

We have been present in the mining industry since 2018, and during the operation of our own farm, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in repairing mining machines. We have built a dedicated service team who have improved their service skills through special manufacturer training.

Time is money (literally).
That's why it's important to send your machines to an expert for a quick and professional repair.

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How do I get my machine to you?

You can bring the faulty machine to our showroom in person or send it to us by any courier service. We can also help you arrange a courier service, in which case the delivery charge will be added to the service charge at the end of the repair.

Where is the service centre?

Our service is located in Budapest, but in order to protect our customers and their valuables, its location is not public.

How much does the repair cost?

You can view our detailed price list here.

How much warranty do you offer for the repair?

We can offer a 1 month warranty on repaired items.

Do you also clean the machines?

Yes, of course. You can see our detailed price list here.

What do you need to get a first round quote for a repair?

What do you need to get a first round quote for a repair?

Do you service machines that have already been repaired?

It depends on what was previously repaired on the machine before. Contact us by email or phone and we can discuss the details.

Do I need to send the whole machine or is the faulty item enough?

We always recommend that you bring the complete machine to us so we can guarantee long-term testing.

What if you find out during the repair process that your machine cannot be repaired?

Of course we will keep you informed about the status of your machine during the repair. If we cannot repair your machine, you will have to pay the cost of the work and the materials used.

What does the servicing process look like?

Within 5 days of reception of the product, our colleagues will identify any faults on the basis of the first short-term test and provide you with a detailed repair quote. We will then send you the results and, of course, you will be able to decide whether or not to have the repair carried out, depending on the price quoted. If you don’t want the repair, you will have to pay the cost of the inspection. Preliminary short term tests may not necessarily reveal all the problems, so the quote given is indicative and does not necessarily cover the final cost of the repair, but of course if the cost of the repair changes we will notify you of the change and any faults before the repair and we will carry out the work if you approve.

When do I have to pay for the service?

You will be charged for the service after the work is completed and before you receive the machine.

What types of machines can you repair?

We repair the Bitmain Antminers, especially the L7, S9, S11, S15, 17 and 19 series, but we are continually making improvements to repair all popular brands and types of machines in the near future.

How long does the repair take?

Generally speaking, lead times vary widely depending on the complexity of the bugs. Based on our experience, we can expect 2-4 weeks after short term testing, but this is heavily influenced by the number of bugs observed in the meantime. Of course we will keep you updated on when you can expect your machine to be ready.

Where can I find the log file of my machine?

It varies from model to model. When logging into the dashboards, you will need to send us the text in the Clog and Hlog tabs in a Word or Text file. If you need further assistance with this, please contact our colleagues on our central phone number.

Service process from first contact to return of machine

First contact, request for quotation (Customer)

Fill out the contracting form on the website or call us by phone. It is important to know the type of machine to be repaired and the nature of the problem, because based on this we can make a preliminary cost estimate.

Preliminary Cost Estimate (AsicMinerz)

Based on the information provided, we estimate the expected cost of repairs. It is important that this is not necessarily the final offer, the price may still change during the diagnostics and repair phase, but we will keep customers informed about this.

Acceptance of preliminary cost estimate (Customer)

Based on the preliminary offer, you can decide whether you will entrust us with the work. If so, we are waiting for your machine!

Sending the mining machine (Customer)

After accepting the offer, we are waiting for your machine at our address: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás street 55-61, C. building 5th floor (Hillside office building). You can send the machine by courier or bring it in person. If you would like to bring it in person, be sure to make an appointment with our colleagues.

Diagnostics, testing (AsicMinerz)

The mining machine is first subjected to a diagnostic test and its operation is tested. It is during this phase that we detect faults and determine if the machine can be repaired.

Refine cost estimate based on diagnostics (AsicMinerz)

Based on the results of the diagnostics, we determine the necessary parts replacements and clarify the offer given in advance.

Acceptance of a Refined Cost Estimate (Customer)

We will send you a refined offer, which will help you decide if you still want the mining machine to be serviced. If you accept the offer, we will start working.

Repairing (AsicMinerz)

It is at this stage that repair work on the machine is carried out, the necessary parts are replaced. During the repair work, problems, parts replacements that were not revealed by the diagnostics may surface. We will discuss any such additional costs with you in the meantime, and we will keep you informed.

Testing (AsicMinerz)

After the repair of the mining machine is carried out, we test its operation. We will only declare it repaired if it works flawlessly during the test.

Final invoice issuance and payment (AsicMinerz, Client)

After the repair, we will issue the final invoice and send it to the contact details provided. The repaired machine will only be returned after payment. You can also pay in cash or via bank transfer.

Returning the repaired machine to the customer (AsicMinerz)

If you have paid the invoice, the mining machine will be sent to the specified address by courier or you can pick it up in person at our office at a pre-arranged time. Address of our office: Hungary, 1123 Budapest, Alkotás street 55-61, C. building. 5th floor (Hillside office building).

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Antminer D7/S9/S11/S15/Z15/S17/T17 repair price list

Analysis and investigation
49 Euro/Each
Preventive maintenance
40 Euro/Each
Control board repair
80-250 Euro
Controlboard replace
250 Euro
Hashboard repair*, **
100 Euro/hashboard
Hashboard chip replace
30 Euro/chip
PSU replace
300 Euro/Each
Temp sensor repair
100 Euro/device
PIC/EEPROM firmware (all boards)
45 Euro/Each
Fan replace
60 Euro (Up to 4 fans)

* Necessary chip replacement price is not included.
** Includes analysis and preventive maintenance of the device also.

Antminer L7/S19/T19 repair price list

Analysis and investigation
55 Euro/Each
Preventive maintenance
59 Euro/Each
Control board repair
80-300 Euro
Control board replace
300 Euro/Each
Hashboard repair *, **
150 Euro/hashboard
Hashboard chip replace
35 Euro/chip
PSU replace
300 Euro/Each
Temp sensor repair
115 Euro/device
PIC/EEPROM firmware (all boards)
75 Euro/Each
Fan replace
65 Euro (Up to 4 fans)

* Necessary chip replacement price is not included.
** Includes analysis and preventive maintenance of the device also.

Notes: 1 month warranty for the repaired or replaced components and work. If custom firmware used on the repaired device, we are not able to provide any warranty for the repair work that we performed.